Sporty Bean Café brings together the best of sports and coffee. Walk on in and hangout with the sportiest coffee in town and cheer on your favourite team and players; savouring SBC’s great array of quality coffee, scrumptious munchies or delightful gourmet fare.

SBC is unrivalled for its lively and vibrant ambience, unmatched diversity in food and beverage -- all of which immaculately comes together in a smashing celebration of coffee, sports, and unadulterated fun.

SBC is an oasis for sport and coffee lovers where they can cheer their favourite sport and share their favourite coffee. It is where passion is harnessed and merriment is encouraged. Feel free to express yourself and enjoy your time at SBC no matter what’s the excuse. Be it planned or spontaneous, make SBC your haunt of choice and have a great time over your sport and our coffee.


Call now to avail SBC’s special offers on group plans that include but are not limited to:
  • Success Parties
  • Fan Club Events
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Theme Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Special Screening
  • Live Sports
  • Reunions
  • Family Occasion
  • Festive Gatherings
  • Business Networking
  • Brunches
  • Family Celebration
  • Get-togethers and Meet-ups


    SBC’s Sporty Breakfast
    If a good breakfast is a precursor to a good day then the best breakfast in Mumbai will surely be a revelation. It is in appreciation of this fact that SBC has launched a special breakfast menu that brings together a collection of signature delights as well as local favourites to kick-start a good day and make it all the more delightful, setting the stage for the sportiest Sunday breakfast one could hope for and making SBC’s Sporty Breakfast one of the top breakfast places in Mumbai.

    Sporty Breakfast menu transverses a wide range of gastronomic wonders, from Waffles to Chole Bhature to Cornflakes, Club Sandwiches & Eggs, (making for arguably the best egg breakfast in Mumbai) with your choice of Parathas to only name a few; all to be blissfully savoured with a delectable plethora of beverages to choose from, including Tea, Coffee, Juices, Soft Drinks et cetera.

    SBC is the breakfast haunt of choice; be it for food connoisseurs, taste aficionados, the health conscious or the local dish enthusiast. Mark your date with Mini Punjab’s Sporty Bean Café, Powai, and make it a Sporty Breakfast.

    For Reservations and Details Call:

    Landline Number :+91 22 2570 86 88/89
    Mobile Number : +91 96999 58688

    Sunday Sporty Breakfast:
    Every Sunday
    7am to 10 am
    Veg. & Non-Veg.
    Indian & Continental