Mini Punjab's original owners were pioneers who began the "Koliwada Fish Fry" taste revolution and singlehandedly made it a national and international favourite.

Today, while there are many who serve "Koliwada Jhinga Fry" and "Koliwada Rawas Fry", those of discerning taste know that there is only one that offers the authentic and original taste of Fish Koliwada - The Mini Punjab Group!

Mr. Surjit Singh & Mr. Karnail Singh, the founders of the Group and the creators of the original Koliwada Fish Fry, literally started this revolution on a roadside with a coal fired stove, a frying pan their secret recipe of chosen masalas special marinade and handpicked fishes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, two generations of the Singh family continue this tradition.

The Mini Punjab Group has expanded its activities that today include:
  • The "Mini Punjab" restaurant chain with establishments in Sion, Bandra and Powai
  • Large scale outdoor catering with cuisines ranging from Punjabi, Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai etc., for conferences, corporate/social events, private parties or other occasions etc
  • Elegant banqueting at the Mini Punjab Lake Side
  • Private party halls and marriage/reception venues with catering, décor, and other facilities
  • Industrial catering
  • Event management and coordination
  • Special occasion catering for VIP invitees
  • History

    Partition and thereafter...
    The story begins with the trauma of partition when Mr. Bahadur Singh crossed over from Pakistani Punjab and made their way first to Amritsar and then on to Mumbai. Like most displaced people, he was searching for a means of re-establishing himself and his family in a new land. With little support or means of sustenance, he turned to what he knew best - cooking.

    Small beginnings…
    In the early days, they served just three dishes - Koliwada Rawas Fry, Koliwada Jhinga Fry and Koliwada Pomfret Fry. These were mainly snacks that were packed in leaves and newspapers to be savoured literally as it came out of the pan. The freshness of the fish and its special taste caught on, and the roadside eatery soon became a runaway success.

    An expanding menu...
    Given the fact that customers kept queuing up for the fried fish, they decided to widen their array of offering so as to indulge a variety of taste buds. The first to come were mutton and chicken biriyani. Soon the eatery added tandoori to its menu and offered chicken tikka kebabs and tandoori paneer.

    Expanding horizons...
    The business had earned a well established reputation, and for most people, Mini Punjab became synonymous with Koliwada Fish Fry. Many Celebrities from Bollywood were patrons and would often drive down to Koliwada to indulge in their favourite fish fry and Punjabi tandoori dishes.

    Eager to expand their repertoire, they decided to expand and set up a branch at Bandra; the fast growing upmarket suburb. The Bandra establishment started with Chinese food, but went on to become a multi-cuisine restaurant that catered to the unrelenting demands for Mini Punjab’s Koliwada Fish Fry and Punjabi Tandoori fare.

    The beginning of the outdoor catering venture...
    With their reputation growing along with the number of patrons, the group launched its catering venture. The venture quickly caught on with parties, weddings and special occasions being the reason for the dawn and rapid rise of Mini Punjab Catering. Orders poured from all over and Mini Punjab catered to clients as far away as Ahmedabad, Surat and the interiors of Maharashtra. While Punjabi food remains its speciality, the Group also offers international and other Indian cuisines.

    The move into banqueting...
    In the mid-90s, they bought a plot of land facing the Powai Lake which was earlier used as an open air party venue and expanded their operations there. That premise now features private party halls, a central kitchen, lawns for marriage receptions and large parties; a restaurant serving buffet, as well as a la carte & TDH menu in dinners. The banquet centre also has rooms to accommodate guests.

    Today, the small enterprise that was started in 1951 has come a long way. The business is now managed by Mr. Surjit Singh and Mr. Karnail Singh, who are ably assisted by their sons Mr. Gurucharan Singh, Mr. Jagjit Singh, Mr. Parvinder Singh, and Mr. Harmeet Singh respectively.

    Befitting a family business that has grown in size and reach, the third generation are professionally qualified with degrees in catering from premier institutions. While a lot has changed in the way the business is run, what remains constant is the single-minded attention to the quality of food, along with its unique taste & unmatched service.


    Mr. Karnail Singh

    Mr. Karnail Singh is one of the most respected and admired name in the culinary and foodservice industry in India. Along with Mr. Surjit Singh, he is one half of the visionary founders of the Mini Punjab Group and proud originators of the legendary Koliwada Fish Fry.

    With his special understanding of ingredients and appreciation of the deeper nuances involved in its preparation, Karnail Singh is renowned for being able to judge the quality and taste of the dish just by its look and appearance alone; especially helpful when overseeing the preparation of non-veg foodconsidering the fact that he is a vegetarian.

    Having set the foundation of Mini Punjab decades ago, he was also instrumental in laying the groundwork that formed the basis for a prosperous future that propelled it towards becoming one of the biggest and most distinguished names in the world of foodservice and hospitality –especially astonishing when you consider all this was achieved sans any special industry-specific education.

    He has been hailed as the doyen of industry by many experts and connoisseurs alike, and Mr. Karnail Singh is still at the forefront leading the group forward by leaps and bounds with just the same joy and gusto he had when he started the roadside eatery all those years ago.

    True to his principle of continuing to bring the best of taste, quality and service to the adoring patrons of Mini Punjab, Mr. Karnail Singh – along with the able team at Mini Punjab – continues to push the envelope of taste and quality, setting new standards is service, innovation and experience.

    Today he continues to shepherd and inspire the next wave of growth for the Group and under the aegis of his magnificent leadership; the continuing ascent of the Mini Punjab Group is virtually assured.

    Mr. Surjit Singh

    Mr. Surjit Singh, part of the fabled partnership that gave rise to the Mini Punjab Group has the mesmeric ability to lead and shape true success. The meteoric rise of Mini Punjab is largely due to his charismatic and transformational leadership.His counsel is still considered talismanic in all matters concerning the restaurant, hospitality and catering industry.

    His vision and foresight at the helm was the cornerstone around which the spectacular rise of the popular Mini Punjab Court, Bandra and the Mini Punjab Lake Side, Powai was scripted and took wings. He promptly realized that the burgeoning demand for the taste and quality of Mini Punjab needs to be satiated with the same quality and taste that had made it so celebrated.

    He also realized that diversification, specialization and expansion are real pillars to success and quickly drew up a roadmap for the rapid yet elaborate plan for consolidated growth and all-around development. Mr. Surjit Singh remains a vanguard in the Group and although the extent of his official involvement at Mini Punjab may have reduced, he still remains the beacon of guidance and a source of strength for one and all.

    Mr. Gurcharan Singh

    Mr. Gurcharan Singh, the elder son of Mr. Surjit Singh is a quite achiever whose dedication to his responsibility and proficiency in his area of expertise is second to none.

    His keen knowledge of the culinary arts and his deep affection to the business of catering has made him the authority in matters relating to the world of food and hospitality. Gurcharan Singh’s pursuit of continuous improvement and proactiveness in always delivering the best has been a driving force in Mini Punjab’s monumental growth.

    His foresight in introducing outdoor catering in Mini Punjab’s Lake Side Restaurant to make events, ceremonies and other occasions more cherishable proved to be a watershed decision that continues to pay rich dividends.

    Spurred on by Gurcharan Singh’s propensity to set an example and lead from the front, the Mini Punjab Group is poised to grow from strength to strength with every passing day, true to his motto of ‘aiming for the best and preparing for the better.’

    Mr. Jagjit Singh

    Mr. Jagjit Singh, the younger son of Mr. Surjit Singh is one of the most committed and enthusiastic part of the leadership team at Mini Punjab. He is always approachable and eager to lend a helping hand no matter what the problem maybe or how arduous the task at hand may seem.

    An enthusiastic learner with a steely resolve to deliver the best, Mr. Jagjit Singh was fascinated by the business at an early age and was smitten by its intricacies and subtleties when he used to visit his father’s restaurant in Ulhasnagar. Frequenting the restaurant on a regular basis he soon picked up the skills and expertise required to become a stalwart in the food and hospitality industry.

    After completing his commerce graduation, Mr. Jagjit Singh joined the Mini Punjab Group in the year 1992 and soon completed his Hotel Management Degree from Rizvi College. On the back of his intrinsic knowhow of the industry and propelled by his business acumen, Mr. Jagjit Singh ventured into outdoor caterer and is today the driving force behind the remarkable rise of the Outdoor Catering Division at Mini Punjab.

    He believes in efficient time management and in the smooth and transparent implementation of policies as the primary means to guarantee success. Open to ideas and willing to discuss and share, Mr. Jagjit Singh is at the forefront of creative solutions and is renowned for his out-of-the-box thinking and achieving maximum output by exerting minimum strain on the Company’s resources.

    Apart from possessing immense industry know-how, he is also endowed with great marketing skills and nurturing healthy interpersonal relationships that goa long way. Also, the rapid rise and success of Mini Punjab's Lake Side Restaurants, including Sky Dhaba and Sporty Bean Cafe (SBC), along with its Banquets and Catering Services, owes a great deal to the enterprising contribution of Mr. Jagjit Singh. His prudent decision making and diligent attention to excellence has helped Lake Side, Powai, achieve a pride of place in the heart of food enthusiasts and etched itself firmly in the culinary parlance at large. in building the right base for sustained business growth.

    His unrelenting desire of continuing to satisfy and delight his customers has been a prominent reason behind his success. His unflinching professionalism towards work and unwavering commitment to clients and customers has cemented Mini Punjab’s position at the upper echelons of the catering industry as he continues to guide and lead the Group to bigger and greater success in the time to come.

    Mr. Parvinder Singh

    Mr. Parvinder Singh, the elder son of Mr. Karnail Singh is renowned for his sound management skills, attention to detail and focus on excellence.

    With the vision and resolve to expand the family business, he took the onus upon himself to take the restaurant and catering division to new heights of success.

    A post- graduate in Hotel Management from Sophia College (Mumbai University), he also enrolled and excelled in industry-specific courses, including the bakery craft course which given him invaluable on-the-ground experience and proved to be a major precursor to popular additions to the menu, service and presentation of the Group’s broad regalia of offerings.

    Driven on by his leadership ability, Mini Punjab’s outdoor catering service in the Army Club and US Club among others; Mr. Parvinder Singh has established the standard in service, delivery and innovation that continues to rise in prominence and reputation every day.

    His efficiency and dedication to his work has played a key role in Mini Punjab’s Outdoor Monopoly division, establishing itself as the premier provider of catering service in Mumbai.

    Mr. Parvinder Singh’s unwavering desire to grow and push the boundaries of excellence makes him a key part of Mini Punjab’s growth plans and will be instrumental in Mini Punjab’s way forward in the short to long term.

    Mr. Harmeet Singh

    Mr. Harmeet Singh, the youngest son of Mr. Karnail Singh is a prudent multitasker with great acumen for sales, operations, and marketing - not to mention – world-class cuisine.

    Graced with great business insights and complimented by his calm demeanor, he is one of the most popular members of the Mini Punjab family. His colleagues, co-workers and friends often look up to him for innovative ideas and smooth execution, no matter the scale or complexity of the task at hand. His mantra for success is quick and decisive implementation of the decisions of the management and a thorough and fair analysis of the impact and effectiveness of these measures.

    His ability to gauge the pulse of the market and make judicious decisions in apropos has been an essential cog in the wheel of Mini Punjab’s rise to being the most trusted name in the food and hospitality industry.

    Holding a graduate degree from Sophia College in Hotel Management & a Post- Graduate degree, Mr. Harmeet Singh has also been the driving force that has established Mini Punjab’s Lake Side Restaurant and Banquets in Powai as the premiere name among fine-dine restaurants and multifaceted banqueting services.

    Mr. Harmeet Singh has executed marketing strategies that successfully embraces newer avenues of technologies like digital marketing through social media and web portals etcetera. His deep understanding of world cuisine and his expertise in business strategising has produced a combination of delights. He has envisioned and created signature dishes by combining the intricacies of world cuisine and traditional flair of local cuisine.

    As part of his efforts to cater to the largest array of taste, preferences and penchants, he spearheaded the concept of ‘Sporty Bean Café’ and “Sky Dhaba” that have already etched a place of repute in the domain of sports cafés and traditional Punjabi dhaba.

    Refusing to rest on his laurels, Harmeet Singh is devoted to ensuring that the company continues to add to its suites of services and offering, all the while building and consolidating on its core areas of strength. He is a firm believer that if you deliver the best, it is bound to be find acceptance and admiration and is ready to lead Mini Punjab into its phase of vibrant growth and consistent progress.